How to bet

Betting Strategy

Unlike lotteries, you can increase your odds of winning by being an informed bettor.

  • Information is available about the horse, the track, the jockey/driver, and trainer to increase help you place a winning wager.
  • Different bet types help you cover all the possible combinations you think may occur.
  • Bet in one or several races.
  • Choose one or a multiple number of horses.

The payoffs on combination bets and races are higher.  The cost of these bets is determined by the base wager you choose multiplied by the number of combinations your wager requires.  With some types of wagers you can bet $1 combinations.  Typically, pay-out prices posted by the track are in $2 values, so a $1 base wager would be worth half the amount.

Your best advantage is with the wagering and handicapping information provided at

  • Need the basics?

Click here for Racing Glossary
Click here for Basic Bet Types
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How to Place a Bet

Open an account and you can place a bet using the internet, or by visiting one of our partner sports bars.

To place a bet, you’ll need to determine the following information:

  1. Track – see today’s schedule and list of entries
  2. Race number
  3. Amount and type of bet (the type of wager offered in each race appears on the list of entries.)
  4. Horse number(s)

Before you accept any wager, verify your wager is correct!  If placing the wager on the internet, confirm your wager before completing the transaction.  If wagering at our partner sports bars, check your tickets before leaving the window.

Basic Steps How to Place a Bet on the OTB Self-Serve Betting Machine

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