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Bet $100/Get $100: Watch 3 video streams at once

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The Interbets wagering experience offers more with a customizable wagering screen set up with up to 3 video screens displayed at once. Enlarge a screen. Move windows around. Review your account information. All actions can occur on one screen so you don’t have to open multiple windows or tabs to get to your information in real time. Learn more about the Interbets wagering experience.

Interbets offers free access to analysis and picks from handicapping experts:  The Brooklyn Cowboy – Kevin Cox, The Florida Handicapper – Toby Callet, The NY Hot List team of Bob Ehalt & Shawn Rychling.

Bob & Shawn of The NY Hot List are also our very own Interbets bloggers. Here from them weekly for free at Interbets.com regarding the upcoming NYRA races.

Interbets members may participate in all of our online handicapping contests for a chance to win cash prizes and free entry into our NHC Qualifying Contest. During the month of February 2018 you may also win a NYRA calendar, golf shirt and a hat. More contest details and links are on the contest page.

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